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All In-Person Events, Gallery Openings, Displays and  Workshops Have Been Postponed Until Further Notice Due to Covid-19.  Each participant has been contacted and other arrangements made. Displays will be available per location guidelines. 

Photo Shoots are still available Only where CDC and other safety measures can be implemented.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult period. Much safety and health to you and yours.

My wish is that you remember to take time to smell the roses, watch the sunsets, zoom with your family and friends just to say hello and enjoy the world we have around us. Life has changed for sure, but it does continue. So as we learn to navigate this new system we live in, consider it as a new beginning, a new opportunity to appreciate life and all the beauty around us even more! 

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Dates TBA

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February 27th - 28th, 2021


March 27th - 28th , 2021


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Old Car City Photography Workshop

March 6 - 7, 2015

Green on Green

Examples of HDR (High Dynamic Range) images above and below. 

In this workshop, we will go over everything you need to know in order to get proper exposure throughout your entire image so that you do not have any areas that either so dark or so light that you lose details in different areas of your image. 

Have you ever wondered how some photographers get those shots where everything seems to be exposed properly throughout the entire image? Do you wonder how they are able to capture such incredible detail, color and texture? Do you want your own images to jump off the screen or page like theirs? There is no better place to learn how to do that than at our Exposure and HDR Photography Workshop at Old Car City in White GA.

The Place

You may have seen Old Car City highlighted on Georgia Traveler or a number of other TV and Media outlets. This place is known as a photographers paradise and its easy to see why with over 34 acres of gorgeous wooded park like property with 6 1/2 miles of walking trails showcasing over 4500 OLD cars and trucks and the assorted school bus!

The Presentations

During our presentations we will discuss all the techniques necessary to capture images with the best exposure throughout the entire image as well as the best color, saturation, contrast and overall sharpness. We will go over everything from the best ways to capture these outstanding images in the camera all the way to some of the best post processing tricks and techniques you can use to really make your images pop.

We will also go over several of the most popular HDR techniques in easy to follow and understand lessons and hands on practice. HDR, otherwise known as High Dynamic Range, is a technique which allows an image to be manipulated in a way to enhance the dynamic range between the lighter and darker areas of the image, so that the shades at both ends still have detail, color and contrast. In its most basic forms, it allows us to capture an image much closer to what the scene actually looked like with our own eyes.

Upon completion of this workshop you will be confident in your ability to capture ANY scene with excellent exposure throughout the image as well as your ability to use HDR, whether you want to make your images look more perfectly realistic or to take them beyond real life and make them stand out as surreal works of art.

Hands On Practice

During the hands on practice at Old Car City, I will work with each participant one on one in order to meet you where you are and help take each of you to the next level in your photography.

What you will need:

If you are not familiar with the manual controls of your camera, please bring your camera manual with you. If you do not have your camera manual please purchase a guide for your camera model. Amazon usually carries a guide for just about every camera out there and they often read a lot better and are far more informative than the manual that comes with most cameras.

A camera (preferably a DSLR) that allows for some basic manual controls.

A Tripod

A circular Polarizer Filter (Optional but recommended)

A laptop if you have one

A desire to learn how to take some incredible images that will really pop right off the screen/print.



Final Notes:

This workshop is designed with the beginner, intermediate and advanced photographer in mind.The material is presented in such as way that beginners will easily grasp the information and be able to start using these controls and applying these techniques and tools immediately.

Both intermediate and beginner photographers will gain new insights into how to capture more dynamic images and have a better understanding of exposure, contrast, color saturation and composition. Every participant will walk away from this workshop with images that really stand out and and that you will be proud to show your friends or have displayed in your portfolio or to sell as prints. If you are serious about taking your photography to a new level, this is a workshop you will not want to miss.

Included in the workshop:

This two day workshop includes full park admission fees for participants at Old Car City on Friday, all three classroom presentations, a welcome package which includes handouts of the material presented in all the presentations as well as ample opportunity for one on one instruction during the hands on portions of the workshop.


For anyone wanting to stay over in the area Thursday and/or Friday night, there are two hotels nearby. The Quality Inn and Suites (770-386-9259) and there is also a Holiday Inn two  miles down the road (1-678-574-4222). 

Limited Spaces Available:

Remember, this workshop is limited to 10 participants. First come, first serve, so be sure to RSVP as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.

$275.00 Per Person

In order to register immediately through Meetup and guarantee your spot in this workshop, go directly to the meetup page and RSVP there by clicking on the following link:

Old Car City Photography Workshop Meetup (Link opens in new window)

If you do not wish to join through the Meetup Group, you can pay for this workshop online now by going to the following link:

Pay for Workshop Now (Link opens in new window)

If you have any questions about this workshop, please feel free to email me at the following address by clicking on the link or by typing the address into your email. In order to Inquire about this workshop, please email us by clicking on the following link:

Email Rena Today! If the email link doesn't work for your system, please email me at the following address:
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