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Other Services

Location Shoots:

I offer a variety of other services including location shoots for parks, resorts, organizations, etc. As a part of these location packages, I offer a full digital collection of images specifically tailored to the type of location or organization. These packages include images available for print, everything from brochures to large canvas prints, social marketing, website use, commercial and mobile applications, advertising, including both low res for email use, all  the way up to high enough resolution for use on billboards, etc.

Magazine and Editorial Services

I work with a variety of different magazines such as Blue Ridge Country Magazine, Southbound Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, and many others. I am also the Staff Photographer for Georgia Great Places Magazine and a regular Contributor to Georgia Mountain Laurel Magazine. I was also the featured and cover artist in the May 2016 issue.

Photography Workshops 

I absolutely love working with budding photographers as they learn all the skills, techniques, tools and tricks necessary to take their images to a whole new level of excellence.  In doing so, I regularly hold on-location photography workshops in some of the most beautiful and scenic locations in Georgia and beyond. 

I also offer a full line of unique workshops, classes, seminars, courses and even a mentorship program, which are designed exclusively  to help the participants focus on all the skills, knowledge and tools needed in order to become professional photographers that stand out above the crowd.  

In this series, we cover everything from what you need to do prior to even going out to shoot, all the way through post editing and delivering your images to your clients so they become repeat customers.  We cover all the specifics of how to become a professional and well-paid travel, nature and wildlife photographer. So much more goes into being successful such as marketing, social media, website design, how to find, contact and maintain clients, getting, staying organized,  and developing your own niche and style. I cover these topics and many more in this special series of workshops.

"How-To" Presentations and Corporate Classes:

Do you manage a park or resort and would like to offer a  "How-To" presentation on digital photography to your visitors, annually, quarterly or even monthly?

Are you the manager of a company or business that requires the use of photography by employees and would like me to come in and do a class for your employees on how to improve their photography skills?

Do you need a consultant to come in and work with your marketing staff to enhance their overall performance and use of images in your advertising efforts?

This list could go on forever. Contact me today to discuss your needs and how we can customize a presentation that meets your exact needs! 

Interested in any of the above? 

For more information about all of the workshops, courses, seminars and online classes, please check out the Links at the top of this page.

To discuss any of my other services, please feel free to get in touch with me through the "CONTACT ME" link also at the top of this page.

If you would like to set up an appointment with me to meet in my virtual classroom to discuss any questions you might have, please click on the CALENDAR link at the top of page and follow instructions there to set up an available appointment time.

I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you have an awesome day.  

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