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All Images in all Galleries are available for purchase in a variety of formats including Canvas, Paper Print, Wood and Metal (for indoor & Outdoor display).Digital Downloads are also available for us in Magazines, on Websites, Billboards, etc. 

To purchase any of my prints, simply go to the image of choice in the chosen gallery and click on it to make it larger. Then click on the "Buy Photo" button and choose how you wish to receive the image(s). Follow prompts to complete your order. If you have any questions or need help with this process, just use the link above to "Contact Me" and let me know. I will be glad to help any way I can. Thank you in advance for your purchase(s).

Books by Rena Johnson

Newest Release - God: An Amazing Artist and So Much More

Have you ever witnessed an incredible sunset that was so dramatic or beautiful that you felt it all the way down to your soul? Have you ever gazed up at the night sky or stood at the edge of an ocean and felt overwhelmed with the enormity of it all?


Regardless of where you currently are on your journey, we encourage you to take a few moments on each page and think about how you personally feel when you look at the image and read the scripture that goes along with it. Allow God’s love to flow through you and become a part of your very being. Release any negativity you might be feeling and open yourself up for the awesome things God has in store for you.


includes either Free Shipping or locally picked up or delivered

Autographed Copy. 

To order, click on the following "Buy Now" button. You can pay using any debit or credit card as well as PayPal. 

New Release - Lake Sinclair Photo Book

This photo book includes 100 pages full of beautiful scenery, birds and other wildlife around the lake. Inside you will also find lots of tips for identifying the local birds we have here. 

These books are great to have on hand to show guests, family and friends just how awesome our lake is. They also make great closing gifts for Realtors in the area. 

Purchase your copies today by clicking on the buy now button just below the book cover  image. 


Includes either free shipping or locally picked up autographed copy. 

To Order, click on the following "Buy Now" button. You can pay using any debit or credit card as well as PayPal.

Photography Workshop in a Book 

Forget the manual. With this simple to follow and understand book, you will be up and shooting like a pro within a matter of hours. 

100 + pages going over everything from choosing your first or next camera, lens, etc., to learning how to use manual controls and getting familiar with all of the rules of photography. 

Watch your photography skills improve from one day to the next! 


Includes either free shipping or locally picked up autographed copy

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints and Collections

The "Mountains Are Calling Me Home" Collection

The "Lake Life" Collection 

The "Golden Hour and Beyond" Collection 

Coming Soon to a Wall Near You !!

If you  would like to purchase any of my prints in a ready to hang state, such as the ones in the samples below, please use the "Contact" form above and let me know what you would like.  

We will work together to make sure you get the perfect image, in the perfect style and frame to fit perfectly into your world. :) 

"Journey of the Soul" in Black Walnut Frame

"Bell Mountain Sunset" 3 Prints in One

"To Talk With God" in old Barn Wood Frame

Brand New 

Metal Prints Available in Both Indoor and Outdoor Material

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Location Workshops, Online Classes & Mentor Program

"Birds and Reflections on Beautiful Lake Sinclair" Photography Workshop

Bald Eagles, Cormorants, Herons, Osprey , Egrets and more, Plus Amazing Sunsets, Sunrises, and Incredible Reflections Everywhere You Look.  These are just a few of the subjects you will photograph during the hands-on portion of this workshop. We will begin it all with a classroom presentation going over everything you need to know to be able to capture all of these amazing images.

Choose between 1,2 and 3-Day Workshops

Day 1 - Classroom session  plus a day of shooting out on the lake

Day 2 - Extra Day of Shooting to go over anything you might need to work on more as well as additional locations to shoot.

Day 3 includes some early morning shooting followed by a day of post editing as you learn all about  editing the images you just took in Photoshop 

Choose 1, 2 or 3 Day Workshops

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